Mt. Vernon, Illinois Formal Hearing Attorney

As a former Attorney for the Secretary of State and Formal Hearing Officer for the Secretary of State, T.J. Parrish has conducted hundreds of formal hearings with Petitioners seeking driving relief.  Now, as a private attorney, T.J. Parrish represents suspended and revoked drivers in Illinois Secretary of State formal hearings.  These hearings are conducted at the Secretary of State Administrative Hearings facility in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  Attorney Parrish's vast knowledge of DUI law and the Secretary of State formal hearing process, along with thorough review and preparation of a clients' cases, provide the recipe for success in the hearing process.

Whether you are classified as minimal risk, moderate risk, significant risk or high risk (dependent or non-dependent), Troy J. Parrish, LLC can put you on the path to getting back on the road--legally.


As a former Lead DUI Prosecutor for the Office of the State's Attorney, T.J. Parrish handled hundreds of DUI prosecutions.  Since leaving the State's Attorney's Office over ten years ago, T.J. has handled hundreds and hundreds more DUI cases, aggressively defending the rights of those accused of DUI.  

T.J. Parrish is relentless in keeping up-to-date on the latest DWI/DUI training, including completion of both DWI Detection & Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, a course recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the same training law enforcement officers receive, as well the National College of DUI Defense Summer Session conducted at Harvard Law School.   

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At Troy J. Parrish, LLC, Attorneys at Law, we have years of experience in aggressively protecting our clients' interests. Every case is handled personally by T.J. Parrish, with all the time and attention each case deserves.


When you hire Troy J. Parrish, LLC, our commitment is to provide aggressive, professional representation to achieve the best result possible in each case.