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  • Serious Representation

    At our firm, our client’s case outcomes are our primary concern. We’ve made a promise to tell you what you need to hear, rather than what you would like to hear. If you value honest, determined, and passionate representation that is result-driven, Troy J. Parrish, LLC is the right firm for you.

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  • Personal Injury: Car Accidents

    Car accidents that involve serious injuries, casualties, or other significant damage warrant the legal representation of a seasoned personal injury attorney. We can help you get compensation to cover any losses you experienced as a result of an accident, like lost wages, medical expenses, car repair fees and more.

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  • Secretary of State Revoked Driver's License

    The Illinois Secretary of State must revoke your driver’s license if you are convicted of a DUI. The only way to get it back is to attend an administrative hearing. For more information about how you can get your driving privileges back, contact our firm today.

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BEST attorney

T.J. is the BEST attorney! I was hurt in a car accident and T.J. fought the insurance company and their low-ball offer and got me ALL the money I deserved!

Saved me

The only lawyer I would ever hire. His work saved me $500,000.00 and allowed me to buy my dream home.


They got me my driving privileges back at the first hearing! Recommend highly.

bigger settlement

He took on the doctor and the medical clinic when no one else would. He got me a bigger settlement than I ever thought possible.

Let Us Help You

Clients come to us in one of the most vulnerable times of their life, and we don't take that lightly. To discuss how we can help you in your situation, contact Troy J. Parrish, LLC today for a free consultation.

The outcome of a personal injury or criminal defense case hinges on the type of legal representation you hire. Some attorneys appeal to clients by telling them what they want to hear - whether this information is true or not. Some lawyers have a premeditated plan to take the easiest route by settling or accepting a plea bargain, rather than considering the best course of action for a client. Others will offer reasonable services, but don't have the resources, experience, or skills to deliver excellent representation. People who choose Troy J. Parrish LLC, will get the first-class representation they need to achieve favorable results.

Our clients have benefited from well-rounded representation that is driven, prepared, and experienced. With a genuine concern for our clients' interests, we'll do whatever is best for them, which includes going to trial.

We also strive to be more prepared than the other side. T.J. Parrish, spent several years practicing as a prosecutor, so he knows how the other side thinks. This experience puts you at an advantage, as we can anticipate what the prosecution will do and prepare counteractive strategies to make sure you come out on top. Plus, our 20 years of experience in Illinois has allowed us to become acquainted with Judges, State's Attorneys, company representatives, and other major players in criminal and personal injury matters.

Why Hire Us

  • • We have over 20 years of litigation and trial experience
  • • We know the ins and outs of the Illinois legal system
  • • We're committed to protecting your interests in the courtroom
  • • We can help you develop a sound strategy to achieve the best case outcome for you
  • • We genuinely care about how our clients' cases will impact their lives

Practice Areas


If you have been injured in an accident at no fault of your own, you deserve adequate compensation.


If you have been injured in an accident at no fault of your own, you deserve adequate compensation.


Being arrested and charged with a crime is a terrifying experience. You need a skilled criminal defense attorney to help you navigate the Illinois criminal justice system.


It is possible to defeat a DUI. Depending on the details of your case, we can devise several strategies to fight your charges.


If you want your driving privileges reinstated after a revocation, your chances of getting your license back will be significantly higher with our representation.

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When it comes to the matters we handle, time is of the essence. Let us handle the legal issues while you focus on your obligations. Don't hesitate to contact Troy J. Parrish, LLC today for a free consultation. Contact Us